Sunday, December 5, 2010

A new season ...

I just celebrated two years at the company as a sports writer. I'm still having just as much fun as I was at day one!
It's a joy to see the student-athletes grow and to meet their families.

We're picking the All-County Teams for the 2010 Fall seasons. I can't believe how fast the season went by.
I was so happy to see athletes that were hurt last year dig deep and come back strong this season.

We had a second place finisher in Calvert County for the Cross Country state meet at Hereford high school. He's working hard at indoor track already now.

We also now have a State Championship football team that came through our conference; The Southern Maryland Athletic Conference.
I witnessed a great defensive lineman come back strong this season. He maintained his grades and continued to develop his skills at his position. I'm so proud of him.

We are now already seeing many basketball scholarships coming in. I need to dust off my basketball stat sheets and get prepared for tomorrow night.
Can't wait !!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All Pinked-Out !!

Tonight was so rewarding! I covered a game and the Side-Out Organization was there representing breast cancer awareness. Members of the two volleyball teams were given flowers in honor of their family members that had passed. It was such a beautiful ceremony.
A tear came rolling down my cheek.
The competition of the match didn't matter as much as the lives that were lost after years of battling. On what day would you quit? How many years could you possibly endure ? 20 ? 30?
I honor those that have fought and continue to fight with the knowledge that you have an incurable disease. I saw my best friend's mom battle leukemia and by year 3 she was so tired. Her bones and bloodstream couldn't take any more teatment.
She just passed a way a couple months ago.
Although I saw four great matches tonight, I saw 2 coaches hug one another and players shake hands with mutual respet. Respect for a sport that they love and respect for a journey for a cure!
Have a blessed night and a great morning.
You are blessed just to see the sun rise again ~

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Get it !!!!

Those are great words to hear for a writer and sales person of a newspaper ~
I had the chance to volunteer today at the county fair with some members of our sales team.
Our paper only cost .75 cents and a lot of our reader's today say that they are starting to read online, which is great, but they're missing out on our great ads and coupons, but the words...
"I already get it"
now those words were great to hear !!!
I even had a women (probably about 70) tell me it's her 'bible'
now... that was little bit of a stretch, but I understood ~
I like to get my coffee and paper every Wednesday and Friday myself.
yes, I even pay for it sometimes (hey, I can support my own company too)
It's just something I've done for years, everywhere I've lived. I sit down with my coffe and paper and relax and catch up on the local news.
It's nice to work with such wonderful writers and talented photographers.
I saw another side of the business and I think it was nice for the community
to get to meet one of 'their' writers as well.
I met a women and she told me about a race her husband and son are running this weekend, so I even got a story idea out of the deal.
I'm excited about it; its unique and something different for the community to read about.
ok... back to work here. I just covered a high school football game and its time to put the ink down.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

All the cards...

Are gone already???
I went to get my first package of Topps football trading cards and the store I was in was just about out already ... I guess I'm a day late and a dollar short - just like I was at my Friday night game this week. Because of Yom Kippur the school wasn't going to turn the lights on, so... the Varsity played first and... the PRESS girl (me) was the last to know ~
I can always order my Topps cards online or go back to the store,
but I can't watch that game over -
Sometimes life is just that way,
we have to roll with the punches.
Another opportunity was taken away this week.
My coworker Nancy passed away.
I'm just so shocked. Her desk was near mine
and she always took a second to stop and talk.
I'll never get the chance to say hello or... goodbye again.
Life is so short ~
I've been to eight funerals in just a year 1/2
As much as I love great competition, the health
and safety of each player is my TOP concern.
It starts with having the proper equipment.
I hope that if you are a coach or trainer reading this
that you would invest in the top of the line equipment
for your athletes !!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What's a coach to do?

What's a coach to do when his team is winning 59-0
at half time and his team has produced 432 total offensive yards
in just that first half alone?
You hope the organization remains humble
and puts the second and third string in to finish up the dusting.
We've all been there.
I saw a coach this weekend bare down and continue to work
hard to coach his team that was down by 34 at half time.
He never lost his drive.
He never lost the desire to coach the guys ---
and thats the part of this job that is so enjoyable.

I'm so blessed!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pre-pre Season much is going on in the pre-season.
34 years - Florida coach is gone.... WHAT? only after 34 years! (jk)
He says he was 'pushed out' ...there's a lot of that going around
He's 80 years old. I'd say that was success!
If only coaches were so devoted!
Strasburg's gone along with all our hopes and dreams. We can't get a break in the D.C. metro area.
Well, BMore has the Ravens. They're looking pretty good. Amy Lawrence on ESPN Radio's Sports Center Sunday predicts them to go to the Super Bowl.
The Bengals release Bryant ? What? They just brought him on....
They didn't want to wait around for the banged up knee to heal I guess..
and we keep giving Haynesworth chances...
but I must say he is the best we have on the line.
McNabb's ankle is giving him trouble now...O' Lord.
Say it isn't so...
Then there's Tiger... The Fedex cup isn't going so well for Tiger. His divorce was final last Monday so its possible that's getting to him a little bit.
He had a birdie on the 17th hole and is seven shots back and is tied for tenth place. ...ouch.
and now...he's changing his swing.
The old saying is still true. It's not the swing, its the one swinging.
Do I hope he gets back on track....ummm. No comment.
Locally, we had a great event in town and a U.S. Olympian was in town and all the hype was well worth the effort. We had a great turnout.
The High School football season starts this week and I'm really excited about it actually.
Have a great week everybody!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm still amazed...

This wonderful journey still surprises me!
How everything has a way of working out, coming together.
From the first email with the press release to the very last phone call.
A mom's excited voice that says, "you want to do a story on my son?"
then the interviews with coaches that verify the skill and character of a Student Athlete.
The childhood dreams I had flash back into my memory-bank
and I'm suddenly remembering the smell of dirt on the softball field.
A quick, "hello Ms. Tammy" and reality brings me to this athlete's remarkable talent.
Behind every student-athlete is a supportive family unit !!!
I'm so blessed and honored -- its an honor to be trusted.
And to witness the integrity of a great family raising great children.
I may never actually hear little voices and footsteps of my very own,
but I can share in the joy of theirs.
I will never take this career for granted.
I'm continually amazed at how much I worry over whether or not
I'll make deadline and then......Suddenly!!!
The phone rings and its just the person I needed to talk to.
O' if money could just fall into my bank account the same way ~
just when I need it.
To a great weekend ~ CHEERS!
Have a great week everyone.... Thanks Gary for your kind words.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One last look at the playbook ...

Coaches that coach with heart always take one last look at that playbook ....
After eveyone has left the locker room....
They stand and stare at it, scratch their heads
and hope the specials teams unit can pull it off.
A huge sigh .... 'Let's do it' they say..
The football season officially opens this weekend for our local high schools.
A couple of our teams have struggled in recent years, and really want a chance to start new
and gain some much-needed respect within the community.
I wish them well.
I'm looking forward to seeing how the coaches tweek their plays and keep
trying week afte week to make it happen.
Have fun guys! Enjoy your season, especially seniors.
Give it your best every week!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!!!

We had our Fall Sports Meeting today...
I sat up last night and read as much material as I could that would get me in the right frame of mind for FOOTBALL !!!
I got my preview assignments and I've now got plenty to keep my mind
busy until mid-September.
ok.... I can do this !! I need a new 'pump up' song, but I know I can do this.
If Paul can write nearly the entire New Testament, I can do this.
I'm happy with the schools I got. Both squads have been through a lot
and will have some more growing pains this year, but... they can do it ~
I just pray that I see way beyond just players on a field.
I always ask for new vision as the new season starts.
I want to see each player for their gifts and talents
but I want to see a balanced view; good and not-so-good.
I'm really looking forward to a new season!!!
You are what you open your heart up to...
I had the great honor of talking to a single mom in Borders today.
(Sometimes unexpected interruptions... are not interruptions at all)
She had her hands full with two small children. She's fresh out of grad school
and scared and alone. Her fiance had just left them two nights ago for someone else.
Someone else who was pregnant.
I pray that she find peace tonight and guidance from the Lord !
I hope that she finds something great to look forward to.
I'm very blessed to have that in my life.

For the love of the game...

Just a few tidbits of what's going on around the NFL.
Professional football is always much more exciting with the 'background noise'
I don't get too much of that in HS sports.
Let's see...
Will Favre come back? I think he and LeBron are related some how. They both love the drama of it all I guess.
The Viking QB told Sports Center that he hasn't made up his mind. Some have noticed he is favoring his ankle as of yesterday.
Plaxico is another story... he won't be around this year at all. He has another year to serve.
Peyton Manning - He is reportedly upset with the running game from last year, as he threw 571 passes last year to prove it. Let's see if the Colts can improve on that.
A new agent for Andre Johnson (Texans receiver) could land him around 5.8 million and a new contract. If he wants to be the highest paid receiever he'll have to catch up to Larry Fitgerald of the Cardinals who averages 10 million a year.
Shaun Phillips will have another date on his mind. Oct. 4, the Chargers linebacker will be in court on a charge that he punched his bodyguard, according to
Let's see how a few of these tidbits play out on the screen this year.
Today we are having a Fall Sports office meeting. Its time to get things moving and shaking.
All practices begin August 14th !!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

8-point Buck !!!

The best of the best is here!! It's official ~
Buck Showalter has become the Orioles new Manager
He will start in Birdland tonight when they host the Angels
He has what it takes to get the team moving
He's not going to put up with laziness ... thats for sure.
When asked (at the press conferernce) if turning around an Orioles club playing in the tough American League East was a draw given his competitive nature, Showalter admitted there was a certain satisfaction in doing what others say is impossible.
I love it!
Can't wait to see what happens from here on out ~

Monday, August 2, 2010

Small Town MAD-NESS

Put your biofreeze away. You won't be needing it to play this football game guys!
You can play any day...
You don't have to wait until Sunday!
It's going to cost a pretty penny, but its worth all the living room excitement you'll get...
(ask your wife nicely to refill the fridge with beer and salsa. I'm sure she will)
you can start the second half with an on-side kick if you'd like.
It's got a new strategy pad (for hot routes)
A new duel analog stick control (to pivot your players upper body)
MADDEN 11 hits the store on August 10, 2010 !!!
I'm not an expert on the game by any means, but the project has been fun.
Some folks have complained that all the interceptions are dropped...
Some say the menu is the same as 10,
Some are saying the holes aren't opening up (but pick a great running back)
The lack of halftime cut-scenes may bug ya,
but EA Sports has high-hopes and isn't concerned about the NCAA game
and ...if you don't mind Gus Johnson's voice you'll be fine.
Our local Game-Stop is going to have some Madden Monday events...stay tuned.
Have fun,.....don't get hurt. Not sure the insurance will keep paying for your deep elbow bruises.
Every women is hoping that you don't cause a permanent dip in her sofa..
and you don't suddenly quit your day job!
Let me know what you think of the game.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

T.O. Found some love !!!

Our 'Most Human' Athlete !!!
T.O. and Ochocinco have just made the workzone so much more fun ~ I can't wait to hear the cooler talks on these two guys- and let's not forget Cedric Benson!
I'm happy the Bengals showed him some love.
He's un-stoppable ...
I heard and interview on ESPNRadio last night and most of the questions were spun to make the duo look ....let's say unmanagable - Chad held his ground. He shot down any negative that came his way.
Why do we immediately think negative before we give the benefit of the doubt ?
Well, T.O.'s 3-year tallies aren't making him look great. He hasn't done a lot since 1999, according to with 55 catches for a total of 829 yards and five touchdowns.
We'll have to wait and see, but...
Can we always predict someone's future based on their past ?
I don't think so....
I love ya buddy... go prove them all wrong!
Get Some GRASS!!!
I'll bring the pen to you any day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here it comes!

Watch out for the Victory Pie !!!
That's all I have to say today.
The Victory Pie almost got me. The kids asked me to 'pretend' I was interviewing their coach --- but they forgot to tell me that two pies were on the way!
Fun night. Great game! Really enjoyed it.
I'm totally exhausted and too tired to write anything else.
Have a great night ~ back in the saddle tomorrow!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer's coming to an end...

The summer months are coming to an end. I spent some time relaxing in the pool tonight reflecting on all that has happened in just one week.
Free-Agents not so free anymore. Steinbrenner passing, The baseball All-Star Game
(Josh Johnson will pitch this year -- he didn't get to see the mound last year)
Growing up the summer months were always spent on a softball diamond.
The fall months were spent running cross country or playing field hockey.
I spent my winter months training inside for softball season.
Every athlete knows
There is no 'off-season'
My dad took me to Catonsville Community College when I was a junior in HS so I could be exposed to the best pitching coaches on the East coast.
We knew as a family early on that softball was my strong sport.
(I think I can still pitch about 60 mph fast ball)
It's so nice to see the kids today being exposed to great softball at such an early age. I wrote a story this past week on a softball star that went on to Delaware State University and is now playing for one of the most elite National ASA softball teams.
"The Boss" in my life (dad) was like Steinbrenner -- demanding and tough, but dad knew what my strong points were and we maxed them out.
Dad had expectations and volleyball and basketball clinics would have been somewhat of a waste of money for us to invest in. I didn't have the jumping ability needed for v-ball and b-ball. I see athletes now that are very versatile.
As the fall HS season quickly approaches, the football season will be here before we know it.
10-weeks of the most exciting Friday nights. There is such an explosive environment on Friday night at the HS football game.
The energy of the fans, the mentality of the coaches. It's ALL GOOD.
I can't wait.
Summer turns into fall and fall turns into
T.O. is still looking for a home and I'll be watching more Ravens games this season just to see Zorn and how he's doing. I'll keep my Skins in the forefront of my mind, but the Ravens will be my 2nd best squad.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Show me the Money !!!

They all want him,
Stock values are going up, commercials, MTV videos, New York City Billboards...
but where is he going?
#23 LeBron James
The king? (of basketball that is)
Sometimes we leave our heart behind in search of a happier home.
Maybe that's what he'll do.
He'll leave his hometown and start again - not with different hopes and dreams
because he IS a dreamer and always has been.
He is about something.
But he needs the team, the franchise and fans around him to be about something too.
I can't wait to hear how it all works out ~
I just hope that he can keep a level head and stay focused.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I got the Power ....

I'm sure that's what LeBron James, Wade, Pierce are all going to say in about ten minutes when 'fee agent' starts to ring nicely in their ears.

I understand Doc Rivers is going to give it 'One more try with this team.'
They are free from July 1 - July 7th.

A week from now I'm sure the million $$ calls will come in.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

They Don't Complain

It's the season for some record-setting sports!!!
Who would have thought that we all would be glued to our TV sets and ESPN sites like we are this week...
The US football (soccer) team has overcome so many obstacles to still be in the World Games.
#10Landon Donovan has made us all proud in the 91st minute.
After two goals taken away.... We needed this.
ESPN is now saying, "This is why we love America - they didn't complain, they just went out to win"
Donovan's answer was, "If you control the things that you can control good things will come your way and there was no time to complain. We chose to just get on with it."
We have a big game on Saturday against Ghana !!
We need a win to take us to the quarterfinals..
It still amazes me to know that every second of the game can be watched on so many different venues - Facebook, twitter, Blackberries, and many offices now have TV sets.
We all want to stay connected in some way.
We have a Tennis Match going on since Tuesday - Isner has no skin on two of his toes. What would keep a player going for three days ?
Determination !!
People are skipping work to start the day watching the World Cup (and spending the evenings in D.C. watching Strasburg on the mound for the Nats)
...and Donovan had this to say,
"People want to be inspired and need a break away from daily activities." Donovon added.
I heard another good quote today from a
US Supreme Court Justice - "The sports page records people's accomplishments. The front page records nothing but man's failures and today we needed the sports page."

Sunday, June 13, 2010


What stands between you and your biggest dream ? Nothing. Not a thing - maybe just you and your thinking patterns ~
The inside flap of Michael Phelps' book 'No Limits' says ...
When I'm focused, there is not one single thing, person, anything that can stand in the way of my doing something. There is not. If I want something bad enough. I feel I'm going to get there.
Talk about determination !!
How determined are you as a person, an athlete to strive for what you want?
Your daily choices today can elevate you to the next level or you can force the wrong choice and start all over again.
Notice I said 'force'
Can you tell the difference between a smooth play, one executed with a fluid motion and it just 'happens' ..... and then there is a play that is 'forced' ... the player may get the same results, but the play has been forced and may cause the follow-up play or a rebound or reflect play to be just a bit 'off' and un-playable. You can see this very clearly in figure skating.
If a figure skater comes out of a triple-axel off balance, she/he can't go into the next move with ease.
How many times have we maybe attempted a sport that we really weren't suited for. I never competed in a swim event. I like to swim, I enjoy watching folks that are great at it. The meets are exciting - because its something I haven't mastered but have always wanted to learn. I'm just not a great swimmer. I can pitch a softball about 62 mph still, but I know I can't swim. Should I let my lack of confidence stop me?
or should I start at square one ? It's never too late to start, or change your plans, regroup with a new agenda.
Many times after an athlete has been injured they will try another sport that is a little easier on the body or they will become an expert announcer for that particular sport.
This past weekend the nation set aside a weekend for Relay for Life.
If it is Cancer that has kept you back from getting back into the game I hope that you would re-evaluate and surround yourself with a core group of people that are like-minded that recharge you. Whichever the case, I hope that nothing keeps you from your destiny. Don't force it, just let it happen!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Month of History

June is Black History Month so I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the best athletes in our world ...
Track and Field star, Jesse Owens (1913 - 1980) broke many records at the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin, including becoming the first athlete to win four gold medals in one Olympiad.
Golfer, Tiger Woods (1975 - ) is the youngest person and the first African-American to win the Masters Tournament in 1997 and by a record breaking lead of 12 strokes.
Wilt Chamberlain (1936 - 1999) was the first basketball player to score 100 points in a single game during the 1961 season and the first player in the NBA to score 30,000 points.
Henry ("Hank") Aaron (1934 - ) broke Babe Ruth's home run record when he hit his 715th home run in 1974. He set a Major League record with 755 home runs in his career.
Wilma Rudolph (1940 -1994) a record breaking track star was born the 20th of 22 children, and stricken with polio as a child. She not only overcame polio but broke world records in three Olympic track events and was the first American woman to win three gold medals at the Olympics (1960).
Florence Griffith-Joyner "Flo Jo" (1959 -1998) a runner known for her stylish flair on the track, set the world record for the 100 and 200 meter dash at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea.
(I always enjoyed watching her... those pretty fingernails started a revolution)
Muhammad Ali (1942 – ) the self–proclaimed “greatest [boxer] of all time” was originally named after his father, who was named after the 19th century abolitionist and politician Cassius Marcellus Clay.
and a fun-fact not related to sports... but feeds the soul ~
Thomas Andrew Dorsey (1899 – 1993) was considered the “Father of Gospel Music” for combining sacred words with secular rhythms. His most famous composition, “Take My Hand Precious Lord” was recorded by the likes of Elvis Presley, Mahalia Jackson and many others.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Look Alive"

Have you ever been told to "Look Alive"

That simple phrase was one my dad use to say to us on the ball field.
Two simple words, but they could snap you back to reality real quick.
June 20th is Father's Day !
One of my favorite days on the calendar.
Dad and I have always been close and that phrase, "Look Alive" was one he'd say when I was daydreaming on first base - (really smart kids get bored easy)...
He wanted to make sure I could handle the ball if it were hit to me and my teammates needed to know that they could trust me to handle their throws over to the base.
Dad is both spiritual and practical. Confident and humble. He has a way of breaking things down and explaining them. Dad doesn't have any strangers in his life. He talks to everyone. We'd send him out for milk. It would take him hours because he would be talking to everyone.
I love him for the man he is, he's not perfect, but he's my dad ~
Francis Allen Showalter
I know I'm truly blessed to have him in my life. I know a lot of people do not have their fathers or did not have a solid view of their fathers. I know I can call my dad at any time and he'll be there. He hasn't always given me what I wanted. He's shown tough-love when I needed it.
I know tonight the Celtics will try to not only "Look alive", but Stay Alive in this series. Dad always liked the Celtics. He was a big Larry Bird fan. The first time I ever saw dad cry was when Bird retired. That was a special moment. I remember sitting in the living room with dad like it was yesterday.
No matter what your relationship is like with your dad right now, I hope you will say a prayer for him and wish him well.... Celtic fan or not ~
I love you Dad,
Pee Dee
(don't ask how I got that nickname) ??

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have the right team....

I know tonight's match-up is The Celtics vs. The Lakers, but I still want to see LeBron James ~ I was pulling for the Cavs ! I'm sure the Lakers will pull it off.

LeBron's story is such a humble one and one that I think speaks volumes to many people today-- In a day of 'instant everything'-- prosperity, luxury and 'give me' ..... nothing about his childhood was instant. In fourth grade he missed over 100 days of school because he and his mom moved around nearly 12 times and he didn't have a way of getting to school at times.

I just read a great story in WebMD about his relationship with his mom, who was 16 when she had him. He gives so much credit to his mom who worked hard to make ends meet. He also treasures his long-time girlfriend who is the mother of his two children.

His mother, Gloria knew LeBron needed stability so she sent him to live with one of his coaches. I can't imagine making that decision as a mother, she says she did it for him - she knew the influence a solid family and the strong manly mentality of a coach would have on him and says it forever changed his life. She's not sure if he would have developed into the basketball player he is today without the influence of coach Frank Walker. Walker coached the Summit Lake Community Center Hornets - LeBron's first basketball team. The rest is history as they say.

the article states...

Gloria James laughs when she ponders where her son got the hoops gene. She grew up in a sports-loving family, and she recalls sitting on her grandfather's lap as a little girl, watching … baseball. The Cleveland Indians were her team. "He picked up basketball on his own," she says. "I can't take credit for that one."
So the league MVP (2 years) and Rookie of the year in 2003 making 90 million that first year has a big decision to make this year as a free agent. James also represented the U.S. on the Olympic team in Beijing. President Obama went on record today saying (and he changed his mind) ...
"It would be a terrific story if the basketball superstar stayed with the Cleveland Cavaliers instead of switching teams as a free agent. That's a town that has had some tough times."
The president said it would be a wonderful statement to Cleveland if James said: "I'm going to make a commitment to this city."
A terrific story indeed. I'm all for him sticking it out myself and being a light there - he's such a hometown kinda guy. I like that in him.
We'll have to wait and see what choice James makes. I'm sure he's not thinking about it too much tonight... I'm sure his eyes are glued to ESPN tonight to watch the series.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Batter's Box

I was watching the Oregon/Georgia Tech college softball championships last night.
GT had Jen Yee, the number one home run hitter in the WORLD on their team.

Yee is hitting .577. She has recorded 102 official at-bats and come away with a hit 60 times -21 home runs. Her on-base percentage is .720, and she has struck out only two times.

Her college career came to an end as she waited in the on-deck circle as her teammate struck out for the final out of the game and Oregon (36-19) defeated Georiga Tech (51-11) by one run in extra innings.

So close.......yet so far away.

I love, love, love this level of competition!!
It's a joy to watch athletes at their highest level ~ I can appreciate the effort. I was wondering what Yee may have been thinking with two outs in the bottom of the eighth inning as she stood in the batter's box waiting.
The closing pitcher for Oregon Mikayla Endicott knew she was facing the top of the line-up and she had her game-face on for sure. Jessica Moore, the starter had paved the way for the team in the previous 7 innings.

The camera man went right to Yee as Endicott struck out the final batter with her amazing breaking ball ~

Yee is an engineering major and wants to start designing the next 'best' softball bat. I think she's in line for a good marketing gig ~ for sure. I don't think we've seen the last of her.

Great game ladies... Good sportsmanship as well ~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Have a heart...

'They played with heart'....

What does it mean to you to play with heart?

I'm thinking that they're putting all they've got into the game for the greater good of the entire team - not just themselves. My first thought is to think that this particular player is a good listener; they're coachable, they consider the best strategy for everyone, not just their own personal numbers.

Can you tell when someone isn't playing 'with heart' ?

Are they disconnected ? Do they put emotion into the game. If Kobe Bryant was fouled going up for a shot, what expression would be on his face ? I think you'd be able to see what emotions were 'in his heart'. He may not be so happy (until he's made his free-throw shots)

If a player believes in his heart that he's a great player - he will play to such ability. He will look the part.

As seniors wrap up their last HS game, free-agents play their last game with their current team and coaches that plan to retire from their legacy leave their final marks, I hope that they have been true to their hearts and have acheived what they believed that they could.

I hope as you look toward tomorrow that you will examine your heart and double-check with your emotions about whether or not you 'played with heart'.

Love truthfully, Laugh often, forgive much ...

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm listening to the playoff game (9:37 left in regulation).

The announcers are saying, 'What if LeBron is almost a winner... almost a ring-wearer... almost this, almost that....

I wonder what James thinks to himself.
I almost made that jumper.. I almost sat out tonight because of my arm.... I almost went to that other team ... I hope we can take this thing out to a game 7 (at home)!

The announcers are keeping close stats on James. (8 turnovers for James so far)
7:55 left and the Cavs are down by 8.

Everyone's wondering how it will turn out.

I often wonder who is in the stands or at home praying that their beloved player succeeds.

When I'm out covering a game, I often wonder if someone's grandmother has driven 30 miles just to see their little angel do something worthy of a photo opt.

I use to play with that 'extra spunk' when I knew my grandparents were sitting alongside the fence. My grandmother had a convertible and I remember winning a game (I was about 12) and I got to ride home in the convertible just because we won the game; now that was a treat. I never listened to negative input and I will always remember what my family who knows me the best said to me more so than what anyone else ever said.

I wonder if LeBron was listening to this announcer, would he play with that 'extra spunk'.

The statement "If LeBron retired today.. his legacy will be "Almost" ---
does this really sum up his legacy ? I don't know him personally, but just the fact that he is where he is says success to me.

No matter what happens, I hope LeBron will know that he is a Success not an Almost!

How much is too much ?

I was reading up on the Celtics/Cavaliers playoff game last night and I came across this statement -

-- The team is valued at 477 million dollars and it isn’t even the top most valued franchise. Obviously the owner would want to make a profit. So he would sell it for 500 million dollars if he owned 100% of the team. --

There are 15 players on the roster.

Now we know at the end of every game there is a winner and a loser. Both teams can not win. Are we expecting these players to do the impossible? LeBron was 3 of 14 from the line and is said to have had a tough night.

This statement was also in the story. --How could this happen? And why?

followed by --It's not like LeBron is shooting 3-14 against folding chairs. Boston had the league's No. 5 defense this season.--

James is only human and it takes an entire team to make the "W" a reality. James is being called the 'King'. Some are saying he may 'never see his throne.'

Game 6 is on tonight ~

Enjoy the game!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A 'Do-Over'

I remember growing up playing ball with all the kids in the neighborhood. It was a combination of baseball and dodgeball. It was called kick-ball.

I'd get frustrated if I couldn't kick the ball as far as I wanted to. There were usually very few girls out there and so my competitive edge was heightened just by that fact alone.

I'd often ask for a 'Do-over' ~ We only got two pitches to kick and no matter where the ball bounced, we have to run to first base and instead of a first basemen catching a ball and tagging the base the ball was picked up and thrown at you and when you got hit you were out - and forgot about quickly because the defense could pick up the ball quickly and try to throw it at another runner that might not have reached their base.

I didn't like to fail and I also didn't like to be the one responsible for another out.

I very seldom got a 'Do-over'... but o' how I wanted one.

Life is just like that now... there are times when man, o' man - I want a 'Do-over'

I'm reminded today of how precious life is. A great man in our community has passed away. I'm wondering what his last thoughts were like. I wonder what I'll remember most about my life when I'm older and entering heaven's doors.

Will I remember the times when I kicked the ball hard and scored some runs for my team, or will I only remember the times I got out? Will I be happy with the way I treated my friends when they got me out .....

or will I grant them a 'Do-over'