Thursday, June 24, 2010

They Don't Complain

It's the season for some record-setting sports!!!
Who would have thought that we all would be glued to our TV sets and ESPN sites like we are this week...
The US football (soccer) team has overcome so many obstacles to still be in the World Games.
#10Landon Donovan has made us all proud in the 91st minute.
After two goals taken away.... We needed this.
ESPN is now saying, "This is why we love America - they didn't complain, they just went out to win"
Donovan's answer was, "If you control the things that you can control good things will come your way and there was no time to complain. We chose to just get on with it."
We have a big game on Saturday against Ghana !!
We need a win to take us to the quarterfinals..
It still amazes me to know that every second of the game can be watched on so many different venues - Facebook, twitter, Blackberries, and many offices now have TV sets.
We all want to stay connected in some way.
We have a Tennis Match going on since Tuesday - Isner has no skin on two of his toes. What would keep a player going for three days ?
Determination !!
People are skipping work to start the day watching the World Cup (and spending the evenings in D.C. watching Strasburg on the mound for the Nats)
...and Donovan had this to say,
"People want to be inspired and need a break away from daily activities." Donovon added.
I heard another good quote today from a
US Supreme Court Justice - "The sports page records people's accomplishments. The front page records nothing but man's failures and today we needed the sports page."

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