Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pre-pre Season much is going on in the pre-season.
34 years - Florida coach is gone.... WHAT? only after 34 years! (jk)
He says he was 'pushed out' ...there's a lot of that going around
He's 80 years old. I'd say that was success!
If only coaches were so devoted!
Strasburg's gone along with all our hopes and dreams. We can't get a break in the D.C. metro area.
Well, BMore has the Ravens. They're looking pretty good. Amy Lawrence on ESPN Radio's Sports Center Sunday predicts them to go to the Super Bowl.
The Bengals release Bryant ? What? They just brought him on....
They didn't want to wait around for the banged up knee to heal I guess..
and we keep giving Haynesworth chances...
but I must say he is the best we have on the line.
McNabb's ankle is giving him trouble now...O' Lord.
Say it isn't so...
Then there's Tiger... The Fedex cup isn't going so well for Tiger. His divorce was final last Monday so its possible that's getting to him a little bit.
He had a birdie on the 17th hole and is seven shots back and is tied for tenth place. ...ouch.
and now...he's changing his swing.
The old saying is still true. It's not the swing, its the one swinging.
Do I hope he gets back on track....ummm. No comment.
Locally, we had a great event in town and a U.S. Olympian was in town and all the hype was well worth the effort. We had a great turnout.
The High School football season starts this week and I'm really excited about it actually.
Have a great week everybody!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm still amazed...

This wonderful journey still surprises me!
How everything has a way of working out, coming together.
From the first email with the press release to the very last phone call.
A mom's excited voice that says, "you want to do a story on my son?"
then the interviews with coaches that verify the skill and character of a Student Athlete.
The childhood dreams I had flash back into my memory-bank
and I'm suddenly remembering the smell of dirt on the softball field.
A quick, "hello Ms. Tammy" and reality brings me to this athlete's remarkable talent.
Behind every student-athlete is a supportive family unit !!!
I'm so blessed and honored -- its an honor to be trusted.
And to witness the integrity of a great family raising great children.
I may never actually hear little voices and footsteps of my very own,
but I can share in the joy of theirs.
I will never take this career for granted.
I'm continually amazed at how much I worry over whether or not
I'll make deadline and then......Suddenly!!!
The phone rings and its just the person I needed to talk to.
O' if money could just fall into my bank account the same way ~
just when I need it.
To a great weekend ~ CHEERS!
Have a great week everyone.... Thanks Gary for your kind words.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One last look at the playbook ...

Coaches that coach with heart always take one last look at that playbook ....
After eveyone has left the locker room....
They stand and stare at it, scratch their heads
and hope the specials teams unit can pull it off.
A huge sigh .... 'Let's do it' they say..
The football season officially opens this weekend for our local high schools.
A couple of our teams have struggled in recent years, and really want a chance to start new
and gain some much-needed respect within the community.
I wish them well.
I'm looking forward to seeing how the coaches tweek their plays and keep
trying week afte week to make it happen.
Have fun guys! Enjoy your season, especially seniors.
Give it your best every week!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!!!

We had our Fall Sports Meeting today...
I sat up last night and read as much material as I could that would get me in the right frame of mind for FOOTBALL !!!
I got my preview assignments and I've now got plenty to keep my mind
busy until mid-September.
ok.... I can do this !! I need a new 'pump up' song, but I know I can do this.
If Paul can write nearly the entire New Testament, I can do this.
I'm happy with the schools I got. Both squads have been through a lot
and will have some more growing pains this year, but... they can do it ~
I just pray that I see way beyond just players on a field.
I always ask for new vision as the new season starts.
I want to see each player for their gifts and talents
but I want to see a balanced view; good and not-so-good.
I'm really looking forward to a new season!!!
You are what you open your heart up to...
I had the great honor of talking to a single mom in Borders today.
(Sometimes unexpected interruptions... are not interruptions at all)
She had her hands full with two small children. She's fresh out of grad school
and scared and alone. Her fiance had just left them two nights ago for someone else.
Someone else who was pregnant.
I pray that she find peace tonight and guidance from the Lord !
I hope that she finds something great to look forward to.
I'm very blessed to have that in my life.

For the love of the game...

Just a few tidbits of what's going on around the NFL.
Professional football is always much more exciting with the 'background noise'
I don't get too much of that in HS sports.
Let's see...
Will Favre come back? I think he and LeBron are related some how. They both love the drama of it all I guess.
The Viking QB told Sports Center that he hasn't made up his mind. Some have noticed he is favoring his ankle as of yesterday.
Plaxico is another story... he won't be around this year at all. He has another year to serve.
Peyton Manning - He is reportedly upset with the running game from last year, as he threw 571 passes last year to prove it. Let's see if the Colts can improve on that.
A new agent for Andre Johnson (Texans receiver) could land him around 5.8 million and a new contract. If he wants to be the highest paid receiever he'll have to catch up to Larry Fitgerald of the Cardinals who averages 10 million a year.
Shaun Phillips will have another date on his mind. Oct. 4, the Chargers linebacker will be in court on a charge that he punched his bodyguard, according to
Let's see how a few of these tidbits play out on the screen this year.
Today we are having a Fall Sports office meeting. Its time to get things moving and shaking.
All practices begin August 14th !!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

8-point Buck !!!

The best of the best is here!! It's official ~
Buck Showalter has become the Orioles new Manager
He will start in Birdland tonight when they host the Angels
He has what it takes to get the team moving
He's not going to put up with laziness ... thats for sure.
When asked (at the press conferernce) if turning around an Orioles club playing in the tough American League East was a draw given his competitive nature, Showalter admitted there was a certain satisfaction in doing what others say is impossible.
I love it!
Can't wait to see what happens from here on out ~

Monday, August 2, 2010

Small Town MAD-NESS

Put your biofreeze away. You won't be needing it to play this football game guys!
You can play any day...
You don't have to wait until Sunday!
It's going to cost a pretty penny, but its worth all the living room excitement you'll get...
(ask your wife nicely to refill the fridge with beer and salsa. I'm sure she will)
you can start the second half with an on-side kick if you'd like.
It's got a new strategy pad (for hot routes)
A new duel analog stick control (to pivot your players upper body)
MADDEN 11 hits the store on August 10, 2010 !!!
I'm not an expert on the game by any means, but the project has been fun.
Some folks have complained that all the interceptions are dropped...
Some say the menu is the same as 10,
Some are saying the holes aren't opening up (but pick a great running back)
The lack of halftime cut-scenes may bug ya,
but EA Sports has high-hopes and isn't concerned about the NCAA game
and ...if you don't mind Gus Johnson's voice you'll be fine.
Our local Game-Stop is going to have some Madden Monday events...stay tuned.
Have fun,.....don't get hurt. Not sure the insurance will keep paying for your deep elbow bruises.
Every women is hoping that you don't cause a permanent dip in her sofa..
and you don't suddenly quit your day job!
Let me know what you think of the game.