Monday, May 24, 2010

The Batter's Box

I was watching the Oregon/Georgia Tech college softball championships last night.
GT had Jen Yee, the number one home run hitter in the WORLD on their team.

Yee is hitting .577. She has recorded 102 official at-bats and come away with a hit 60 times -21 home runs. Her on-base percentage is .720, and she has struck out only two times.

Her college career came to an end as she waited in the on-deck circle as her teammate struck out for the final out of the game and Oregon (36-19) defeated Georiga Tech (51-11) by one run in extra innings.

So close.......yet so far away.

I love, love, love this level of competition!!
It's a joy to watch athletes at their highest level ~ I can appreciate the effort. I was wondering what Yee may have been thinking with two outs in the bottom of the eighth inning as she stood in the batter's box waiting.
The closing pitcher for Oregon Mikayla Endicott knew she was facing the top of the line-up and she had her game-face on for sure. Jessica Moore, the starter had paved the way for the team in the previous 7 innings.

The camera man went right to Yee as Endicott struck out the final batter with her amazing breaking ball ~

Yee is an engineering major and wants to start designing the next 'best' softball bat. I think she's in line for a good marketing gig ~ for sure. I don't think we've seen the last of her.

Great game ladies... Good sportsmanship as well ~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Have a heart...

'They played with heart'....

What does it mean to you to play with heart?

I'm thinking that they're putting all they've got into the game for the greater good of the entire team - not just themselves. My first thought is to think that this particular player is a good listener; they're coachable, they consider the best strategy for everyone, not just their own personal numbers.

Can you tell when someone isn't playing 'with heart' ?

Are they disconnected ? Do they put emotion into the game. If Kobe Bryant was fouled going up for a shot, what expression would be on his face ? I think you'd be able to see what emotions were 'in his heart'. He may not be so happy (until he's made his free-throw shots)

If a player believes in his heart that he's a great player - he will play to such ability. He will look the part.

As seniors wrap up their last HS game, free-agents play their last game with their current team and coaches that plan to retire from their legacy leave their final marks, I hope that they have been true to their hearts and have acheived what they believed that they could.

I hope as you look toward tomorrow that you will examine your heart and double-check with your emotions about whether or not you 'played with heart'.

Love truthfully, Laugh often, forgive much ...

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm listening to the playoff game (9:37 left in regulation).

The announcers are saying, 'What if LeBron is almost a winner... almost a ring-wearer... almost this, almost that....

I wonder what James thinks to himself.
I almost made that jumper.. I almost sat out tonight because of my arm.... I almost went to that other team ... I hope we can take this thing out to a game 7 (at home)!

The announcers are keeping close stats on James. (8 turnovers for James so far)
7:55 left and the Cavs are down by 8.

Everyone's wondering how it will turn out.

I often wonder who is in the stands or at home praying that their beloved player succeeds.

When I'm out covering a game, I often wonder if someone's grandmother has driven 30 miles just to see their little angel do something worthy of a photo opt.

I use to play with that 'extra spunk' when I knew my grandparents were sitting alongside the fence. My grandmother had a convertible and I remember winning a game (I was about 12) and I got to ride home in the convertible just because we won the game; now that was a treat. I never listened to negative input and I will always remember what my family who knows me the best said to me more so than what anyone else ever said.

I wonder if LeBron was listening to this announcer, would he play with that 'extra spunk'.

The statement "If LeBron retired today.. his legacy will be "Almost" ---
does this really sum up his legacy ? I don't know him personally, but just the fact that he is where he is says success to me.

No matter what happens, I hope LeBron will know that he is a Success not an Almost!

How much is too much ?

I was reading up on the Celtics/Cavaliers playoff game last night and I came across this statement -

-- The team is valued at 477 million dollars and it isn’t even the top most valued franchise. Obviously the owner would want to make a profit. So he would sell it for 500 million dollars if he owned 100% of the team. --

There are 15 players on the roster.

Now we know at the end of every game there is a winner and a loser. Both teams can not win. Are we expecting these players to do the impossible? LeBron was 3 of 14 from the line and is said to have had a tough night.

This statement was also in the story. --How could this happen? And why?

followed by --It's not like LeBron is shooting 3-14 against folding chairs. Boston had the league's No. 5 defense this season.--

James is only human and it takes an entire team to make the "W" a reality. James is being called the 'King'. Some are saying he may 'never see his throne.'

Game 6 is on tonight ~

Enjoy the game!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A 'Do-Over'

I remember growing up playing ball with all the kids in the neighborhood. It was a combination of baseball and dodgeball. It was called kick-ball.

I'd get frustrated if I couldn't kick the ball as far as I wanted to. There were usually very few girls out there and so my competitive edge was heightened just by that fact alone.

I'd often ask for a 'Do-over' ~ We only got two pitches to kick and no matter where the ball bounced, we have to run to first base and instead of a first basemen catching a ball and tagging the base the ball was picked up and thrown at you and when you got hit you were out - and forgot about quickly because the defense could pick up the ball quickly and try to throw it at another runner that might not have reached their base.

I didn't like to fail and I also didn't like to be the one responsible for another out.

I very seldom got a 'Do-over'... but o' how I wanted one.

Life is just like that now... there are times when man, o' man - I want a 'Do-over'

I'm reminded today of how precious life is. A great man in our community has passed away. I'm wondering what his last thoughts were like. I wonder what I'll remember most about my life when I'm older and entering heaven's doors.

Will I remember the times when I kicked the ball hard and scored some runs for my team, or will I only remember the times I got out? Will I be happy with the way I treated my friends when they got me out .....

or will I grant them a 'Do-over'