Monday, August 2, 2010

Small Town MAD-NESS

Put your biofreeze away. You won't be needing it to play this football game guys!
You can play any day...
You don't have to wait until Sunday!
It's going to cost a pretty penny, but its worth all the living room excitement you'll get...
(ask your wife nicely to refill the fridge with beer and salsa. I'm sure she will)
you can start the second half with an on-side kick if you'd like.
It's got a new strategy pad (for hot routes)
A new duel analog stick control (to pivot your players upper body)
MADDEN 11 hits the store on August 10, 2010 !!!
I'm not an expert on the game by any means, but the project has been fun.
Some folks have complained that all the interceptions are dropped...
Some say the menu is the same as 10,
Some are saying the holes aren't opening up (but pick a great running back)
The lack of halftime cut-scenes may bug ya,
but EA Sports has high-hopes and isn't concerned about the NCAA game
and ...if you don't mind Gus Johnson's voice you'll be fine.
Our local Game-Stop is going to have some Madden Monday events...stay tuned.
Have fun,.....don't get hurt. Not sure the insurance will keep paying for your deep elbow bruises.
Every women is hoping that you don't cause a permanent dip in her sofa..
and you don't suddenly quit your day job!
Let me know what you think of the game.

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