Sunday, December 5, 2010

A new season ...

I just celebrated two years at the company as a sports writer. I'm still having just as much fun as I was at day one!
It's a joy to see the student-athletes grow and to meet their families.

We're picking the All-County Teams for the 2010 Fall seasons. I can't believe how fast the season went by.
I was so happy to see athletes that were hurt last year dig deep and come back strong this season.

We had a second place finisher in Calvert County for the Cross Country state meet at Hereford high school. He's working hard at indoor track already now.

We also now have a State Championship football team that came through our conference; The Southern Maryland Athletic Conference.
I witnessed a great defensive lineman come back strong this season. He maintained his grades and continued to develop his skills at his position. I'm so proud of him.

We are now already seeing many basketball scholarships coming in. I need to dust off my basketball stat sheets and get prepared for tomorrow night.
Can't wait !!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All Pinked-Out !!

Tonight was so rewarding! I covered a game and the Side-Out Organization was there representing breast cancer awareness. Members of the two volleyball teams were given flowers in honor of their family members that had passed. It was such a beautiful ceremony.
A tear came rolling down my cheek.
The competition of the match didn't matter as much as the lives that were lost after years of battling. On what day would you quit? How many years could you possibly endure ? 20 ? 30?
I honor those that have fought and continue to fight with the knowledge that you have an incurable disease. I saw my best friend's mom battle leukemia and by year 3 she was so tired. Her bones and bloodstream couldn't take any more teatment.
She just passed a way a couple months ago.
Although I saw four great matches tonight, I saw 2 coaches hug one another and players shake hands with mutual respet. Respect for a sport that they love and respect for a journey for a cure!
Have a blessed night and a great morning.
You are blessed just to see the sun rise again ~

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Get it !!!!

Those are great words to hear for a writer and sales person of a newspaper ~
I had the chance to volunteer today at the county fair with some members of our sales team.
Our paper only cost .75 cents and a lot of our reader's today say that they are starting to read online, which is great, but they're missing out on our great ads and coupons, but the words...
"I already get it"
now those words were great to hear !!!
I even had a women (probably about 70) tell me it's her 'bible'
now... that was little bit of a stretch, but I understood ~
I like to get my coffee and paper every Wednesday and Friday myself.
yes, I even pay for it sometimes (hey, I can support my own company too)
It's just something I've done for years, everywhere I've lived. I sit down with my coffe and paper and relax and catch up on the local news.
It's nice to work with such wonderful writers and talented photographers.
I saw another side of the business and I think it was nice for the community
to get to meet one of 'their' writers as well.
I met a women and she told me about a race her husband and son are running this weekend, so I even got a story idea out of the deal.
I'm excited about it; its unique and something different for the community to read about.
ok... back to work here. I just covered a high school football game and its time to put the ink down.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

All the cards...

Are gone already???
I went to get my first package of Topps football trading cards and the store I was in was just about out already ... I guess I'm a day late and a dollar short - just like I was at my Friday night game this week. Because of Yom Kippur the school wasn't going to turn the lights on, so... the Varsity played first and... the PRESS girl (me) was the last to know ~
I can always order my Topps cards online or go back to the store,
but I can't watch that game over -
Sometimes life is just that way,
we have to roll with the punches.
Another opportunity was taken away this week.
My coworker Nancy passed away.
I'm just so shocked. Her desk was near mine
and she always took a second to stop and talk.
I'll never get the chance to say hello or... goodbye again.
Life is so short ~
I've been to eight funerals in just a year 1/2
As much as I love great competition, the health
and safety of each player is my TOP concern.
It starts with having the proper equipment.
I hope that if you are a coach or trainer reading this
that you would invest in the top of the line equipment
for your athletes !!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What's a coach to do?

What's a coach to do when his team is winning 59-0
at half time and his team has produced 432 total offensive yards
in just that first half alone?
You hope the organization remains humble
and puts the second and third string in to finish up the dusting.
We've all been there.
I saw a coach this weekend bare down and continue to work
hard to coach his team that was down by 34 at half time.
He never lost his drive.
He never lost the desire to coach the guys ---
and thats the part of this job that is so enjoyable.

I'm so blessed!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pre-pre Season much is going on in the pre-season.
34 years - Florida coach is gone.... WHAT? only after 34 years! (jk)
He says he was 'pushed out' ...there's a lot of that going around
He's 80 years old. I'd say that was success!
If only coaches were so devoted!
Strasburg's gone along with all our hopes and dreams. We can't get a break in the D.C. metro area.
Well, BMore has the Ravens. They're looking pretty good. Amy Lawrence on ESPN Radio's Sports Center Sunday predicts them to go to the Super Bowl.
The Bengals release Bryant ? What? They just brought him on....
They didn't want to wait around for the banged up knee to heal I guess..
and we keep giving Haynesworth chances...
but I must say he is the best we have on the line.
McNabb's ankle is giving him trouble now...O' Lord.
Say it isn't so...
Then there's Tiger... The Fedex cup isn't going so well for Tiger. His divorce was final last Monday so its possible that's getting to him a little bit.
He had a birdie on the 17th hole and is seven shots back and is tied for tenth place. ...ouch.
and now...he's changing his swing.
The old saying is still true. It's not the swing, its the one swinging.
Do I hope he gets back on track....ummm. No comment.
Locally, we had a great event in town and a U.S. Olympian was in town and all the hype was well worth the effort. We had a great turnout.
The High School football season starts this week and I'm really excited about it actually.
Have a great week everybody!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm still amazed...

This wonderful journey still surprises me!
How everything has a way of working out, coming together.
From the first email with the press release to the very last phone call.
A mom's excited voice that says, "you want to do a story on my son?"
then the interviews with coaches that verify the skill and character of a Student Athlete.
The childhood dreams I had flash back into my memory-bank
and I'm suddenly remembering the smell of dirt on the softball field.
A quick, "hello Ms. Tammy" and reality brings me to this athlete's remarkable talent.
Behind every student-athlete is a supportive family unit !!!
I'm so blessed and honored -- its an honor to be trusted.
And to witness the integrity of a great family raising great children.
I may never actually hear little voices and footsteps of my very own,
but I can share in the joy of theirs.
I will never take this career for granted.
I'm continually amazed at how much I worry over whether or not
I'll make deadline and then......Suddenly!!!
The phone rings and its just the person I needed to talk to.
O' if money could just fall into my bank account the same way ~
just when I need it.
To a great weekend ~ CHEERS!
Have a great week everyone.... Thanks Gary for your kind words.