Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Look Alive"

Have you ever been told to "Look Alive"

That simple phrase was one my dad use to say to us on the ball field.
Two simple words, but they could snap you back to reality real quick.
June 20th is Father's Day !
One of my favorite days on the calendar.
Dad and I have always been close and that phrase, "Look Alive" was one he'd say when I was daydreaming on first base - (really smart kids get bored easy)...
He wanted to make sure I could handle the ball if it were hit to me and my teammates needed to know that they could trust me to handle their throws over to the base.
Dad is both spiritual and practical. Confident and humble. He has a way of breaking things down and explaining them. Dad doesn't have any strangers in his life. He talks to everyone. We'd send him out for milk. It would take him hours because he would be talking to everyone.
I love him for the man he is, he's not perfect, but he's my dad ~
Francis Allen Showalter
I know I'm truly blessed to have him in my life. I know a lot of people do not have their fathers or did not have a solid view of their fathers. I know I can call my dad at any time and he'll be there. He hasn't always given me what I wanted. He's shown tough-love when I needed it.
I know tonight the Celtics will try to not only "Look alive", but Stay Alive in this series. Dad always liked the Celtics. He was a big Larry Bird fan. The first time I ever saw dad cry was when Bird retired. That was a special moment. I remember sitting in the living room with dad like it was yesterday.
No matter what your relationship is like with your dad right now, I hope you will say a prayer for him and wish him well.... Celtic fan or not ~
I love you Dad,
Pee Dee
(don't ask how I got that nickname) ??

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