Wednesday, July 28, 2010

T.O. Found some love !!!

Our 'Most Human' Athlete !!!
T.O. and Ochocinco have just made the workzone so much more fun ~ I can't wait to hear the cooler talks on these two guys- and let's not forget Cedric Benson!
I'm happy the Bengals showed him some love.
He's un-stoppable ...
I heard and interview on ESPNRadio last night and most of the questions were spun to make the duo look ....let's say unmanagable - Chad held his ground. He shot down any negative that came his way.
Why do we immediately think negative before we give the benefit of the doubt ?
Well, T.O.'s 3-year tallies aren't making him look great. He hasn't done a lot since 1999, according to with 55 catches for a total of 829 yards and five touchdowns.
We'll have to wait and see, but...
Can we always predict someone's future based on their past ?
I don't think so....
I love ya buddy... go prove them all wrong!
Get Some GRASS!!!
I'll bring the pen to you any day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here it comes!

Watch out for the Victory Pie !!!
That's all I have to say today.
The Victory Pie almost got me. The kids asked me to 'pretend' I was interviewing their coach --- but they forgot to tell me that two pies were on the way!
Fun night. Great game! Really enjoyed it.
I'm totally exhausted and too tired to write anything else.
Have a great night ~ back in the saddle tomorrow!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer's coming to an end...

The summer months are coming to an end. I spent some time relaxing in the pool tonight reflecting on all that has happened in just one week.
Free-Agents not so free anymore. Steinbrenner passing, The baseball All-Star Game
(Josh Johnson will pitch this year -- he didn't get to see the mound last year)
Growing up the summer months were always spent on a softball diamond.
The fall months were spent running cross country or playing field hockey.
I spent my winter months training inside for softball season.
Every athlete knows
There is no 'off-season'
My dad took me to Catonsville Community College when I was a junior in HS so I could be exposed to the best pitching coaches on the East coast.
We knew as a family early on that softball was my strong sport.
(I think I can still pitch about 60 mph fast ball)
It's so nice to see the kids today being exposed to great softball at such an early age. I wrote a story this past week on a softball star that went on to Delaware State University and is now playing for one of the most elite National ASA softball teams.
"The Boss" in my life (dad) was like Steinbrenner -- demanding and tough, but dad knew what my strong points were and we maxed them out.
Dad had expectations and volleyball and basketball clinics would have been somewhat of a waste of money for us to invest in. I didn't have the jumping ability needed for v-ball and b-ball. I see athletes now that are very versatile.
As the fall HS season quickly approaches, the football season will be here before we know it.
10-weeks of the most exciting Friday nights. There is such an explosive environment on Friday night at the HS football game.
The energy of the fans, the mentality of the coaches. It's ALL GOOD.
I can't wait.
Summer turns into fall and fall turns into
T.O. is still looking for a home and I'll be watching more Ravens games this season just to see Zorn and how he's doing. I'll keep my Skins in the forefront of my mind, but the Ravens will be my 2nd best squad.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Show me the Money !!!

They all want him,
Stock values are going up, commercials, MTV videos, New York City Billboards...
but where is he going?
#23 LeBron James
The king? (of basketball that is)
Sometimes we leave our heart behind in search of a happier home.
Maybe that's what he'll do.
He'll leave his hometown and start again - not with different hopes and dreams
because he IS a dreamer and always has been.
He is about something.
But he needs the team, the franchise and fans around him to be about something too.
I can't wait to hear how it all works out ~
I just hope that he can keep a level head and stay focused.