Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A 'Do-Over'

I remember growing up playing ball with all the kids in the neighborhood. It was a combination of baseball and dodgeball. It was called kick-ball.

I'd get frustrated if I couldn't kick the ball as far as I wanted to. There were usually very few girls out there and so my competitive edge was heightened just by that fact alone.

I'd often ask for a 'Do-over' ~ We only got two pitches to kick and no matter where the ball bounced, we have to run to first base and instead of a first basemen catching a ball and tagging the base the ball was picked up and thrown at you and when you got hit you were out - and forgot about quickly because the defense could pick up the ball quickly and try to throw it at another runner that might not have reached their base.

I didn't like to fail and I also didn't like to be the one responsible for another out.

I very seldom got a 'Do-over'... but o' how I wanted one.

Life is just like that now... there are times when man, o' man - I want a 'Do-over'

I'm reminded today of how precious life is. A great man in our community has passed away. I'm wondering what his last thoughts were like. I wonder what I'll remember most about my life when I'm older and entering heaven's doors.

Will I remember the times when I kicked the ball hard and scored some runs for my team, or will I only remember the times I got out? Will I be happy with the way I treated my friends when they got me out .....

or will I grant them a 'Do-over'

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