Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Have a heart...

'They played with heart'....

What does it mean to you to play with heart?

I'm thinking that they're putting all they've got into the game for the greater good of the entire team - not just themselves. My first thought is to think that this particular player is a good listener; they're coachable, they consider the best strategy for everyone, not just their own personal numbers.

Can you tell when someone isn't playing 'with heart' ?

Are they disconnected ? Do they put emotion into the game. If Kobe Bryant was fouled going up for a shot, what expression would be on his face ? I think you'd be able to see what emotions were 'in his heart'. He may not be so happy (until he's made his free-throw shots)

If a player believes in his heart that he's a great player - he will play to such ability. He will look the part.

As seniors wrap up their last HS game, free-agents play their last game with their current team and coaches that plan to retire from their legacy leave their final marks, I hope that they have been true to their hearts and have acheived what they believed that they could.

I hope as you look toward tomorrow that you will examine your heart and double-check with your emotions about whether or not you 'played with heart'.

Love truthfully, Laugh often, forgive much ...

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