Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm listening to the playoff game (9:37 left in regulation).

The announcers are saying, 'What if LeBron is almost a winner... almost a ring-wearer... almost this, almost that....

I wonder what James thinks to himself.
I almost made that jumper.. I almost sat out tonight because of my arm.... I almost went to that other team ... I hope we can take this thing out to a game 7 (at home)!

The announcers are keeping close stats on James. (8 turnovers for James so far)
7:55 left and the Cavs are down by 8.

Everyone's wondering how it will turn out.

I often wonder who is in the stands or at home praying that their beloved player succeeds.

When I'm out covering a game, I often wonder if someone's grandmother has driven 30 miles just to see their little angel do something worthy of a photo opt.

I use to play with that 'extra spunk' when I knew my grandparents were sitting alongside the fence. My grandmother had a convertible and I remember winning a game (I was about 12) and I got to ride home in the convertible just because we won the game; now that was a treat. I never listened to negative input and I will always remember what my family who knows me the best said to me more so than what anyone else ever said.

I wonder if LeBron was listening to this announcer, would he play with that 'extra spunk'.

The statement "If LeBron retired today.. his legacy will be "Almost" ---
does this really sum up his legacy ? I don't know him personally, but just the fact that he is where he is says success to me.

No matter what happens, I hope LeBron will know that he is a Success not an Almost!

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