Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All Pinked-Out !!

Tonight was so rewarding! I covered a game and the Side-Out Organization was there representing breast cancer awareness. Members of the two volleyball teams were given flowers in honor of their family members that had passed. It was such a beautiful ceremony.
A tear came rolling down my cheek.
The competition of the match didn't matter as much as the lives that were lost after years of battling. On what day would you quit? How many years could you possibly endure ? 20 ? 30?
I honor those that have fought and continue to fight with the knowledge that you have an incurable disease. I saw my best friend's mom battle leukemia and by year 3 she was so tired. Her bones and bloodstream couldn't take any more teatment.
She just passed a way a couple months ago.
Although I saw four great matches tonight, I saw 2 coaches hug one another and players shake hands with mutual respet. Respect for a sport that they love and respect for a journey for a cure!
Have a blessed night and a great morning.
You are blessed just to see the sun rise again ~