Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm still amazed...

This wonderful journey still surprises me!
How everything has a way of working out, coming together.
From the first email with the press release to the very last phone call.
A mom's excited voice that says, "you want to do a story on my son?"
then the interviews with coaches that verify the skill and character of a Student Athlete.
The childhood dreams I had flash back into my memory-bank
and I'm suddenly remembering the smell of dirt on the softball field.
A quick, "hello Ms. Tammy" and reality brings me to this athlete's remarkable talent.
Behind every student-athlete is a supportive family unit !!!
I'm so blessed and honored -- its an honor to be trusted.
And to witness the integrity of a great family raising great children.
I may never actually hear little voices and footsteps of my very own,
but I can share in the joy of theirs.
I will never take this career for granted.
I'm continually amazed at how much I worry over whether or not
I'll make deadline and then......Suddenly!!!
The phone rings and its just the person I needed to talk to.
O' if money could just fall into my bank account the same way ~
just when I need it.
To a great weekend ~ CHEERS!
Have a great week everyone.... Thanks Gary for your kind words.

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