Friday, September 24, 2010

I Get it !!!!

Those are great words to hear for a writer and sales person of a newspaper ~
I had the chance to volunteer today at the county fair with some members of our sales team.
Our paper only cost .75 cents and a lot of our reader's today say that they are starting to read online, which is great, but they're missing out on our great ads and coupons, but the words...
"I already get it"
now those words were great to hear !!!
I even had a women (probably about 70) tell me it's her 'bible'
now... that was little bit of a stretch, but I understood ~
I like to get my coffee and paper every Wednesday and Friday myself.
yes, I even pay for it sometimes (hey, I can support my own company too)
It's just something I've done for years, everywhere I've lived. I sit down with my coffe and paper and relax and catch up on the local news.
It's nice to work with such wonderful writers and talented photographers.
I saw another side of the business and I think it was nice for the community
to get to meet one of 'their' writers as well.
I met a women and she told me about a race her husband and son are running this weekend, so I even got a story idea out of the deal.
I'm excited about it; its unique and something different for the community to read about.
ok... back to work here. I just covered a high school football game and its time to put the ink down.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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