Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pre-pre Season much is going on in the pre-season.
34 years - Florida coach is gone.... WHAT? only after 34 years! (jk)
He says he was 'pushed out' ...there's a lot of that going around
He's 80 years old. I'd say that was success!
If only coaches were so devoted!
Strasburg's gone along with all our hopes and dreams. We can't get a break in the D.C. metro area.
Well, BMore has the Ravens. They're looking pretty good. Amy Lawrence on ESPN Radio's Sports Center Sunday predicts them to go to the Super Bowl.
The Bengals release Bryant ? What? They just brought him on....
They didn't want to wait around for the banged up knee to heal I guess..
and we keep giving Haynesworth chances...
but I must say he is the best we have on the line.
McNabb's ankle is giving him trouble now...O' Lord.
Say it isn't so...
Then there's Tiger... The Fedex cup isn't going so well for Tiger. His divorce was final last Monday so its possible that's getting to him a little bit.
He had a birdie on the 17th hole and is seven shots back and is tied for tenth place. ...ouch.
and now...he's changing his swing.
The old saying is still true. It's not the swing, its the one swinging.
Do I hope he gets back on track....ummm. No comment.
Locally, we had a great event in town and a U.S. Olympian was in town and all the hype was well worth the effort. We had a great turnout.
The High School football season starts this week and I'm really excited about it actually.
Have a great week everybody!!!

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