Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!!!

We had our Fall Sports Meeting today...
I sat up last night and read as much material as I could that would get me in the right frame of mind for FOOTBALL !!!
I got my preview assignments and I've now got plenty to keep my mind
busy until mid-September.
ok.... I can do this !! I need a new 'pump up' song, but I know I can do this.
If Paul can write nearly the entire New Testament, I can do this.
I'm happy with the schools I got. Both squads have been through a lot
and will have some more growing pains this year, but... they can do it ~
I just pray that I see way beyond just players on a field.
I always ask for new vision as the new season starts.
I want to see each player for their gifts and talents
but I want to see a balanced view; good and not-so-good.
I'm really looking forward to a new season!!!
You are what you open your heart up to...
I had the great honor of talking to a single mom in Borders today.
(Sometimes unexpected interruptions... are not interruptions at all)
She had her hands full with two small children. She's fresh out of grad school
and scared and alone. Her fiance had just left them two nights ago for someone else.
Someone else who was pregnant.
I pray that she find peace tonight and guidance from the Lord !
I hope that she finds something great to look forward to.
I'm very blessed to have that in my life.

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