Wednesday, July 28, 2010

T.O. Found some love !!!

Our 'Most Human' Athlete !!!
T.O. and Ochocinco have just made the workzone so much more fun ~ I can't wait to hear the cooler talks on these two guys- and let's not forget Cedric Benson!
I'm happy the Bengals showed him some love.
He's un-stoppable ...
I heard and interview on ESPNRadio last night and most of the questions were spun to make the duo look ....let's say unmanagable - Chad held his ground. He shot down any negative that came his way.
Why do we immediately think negative before we give the benefit of the doubt ?
Well, T.O.'s 3-year tallies aren't making him look great. He hasn't done a lot since 1999, according to with 55 catches for a total of 829 yards and five touchdowns.
We'll have to wait and see, but...
Can we always predict someone's future based on their past ?
I don't think so....
I love ya buddy... go prove them all wrong!
Get Some GRASS!!!
I'll bring the pen to you any day!

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